Are Mini Dehumidifiers Any Good?

Mini Dehumidifier

Are mini dehumidifiers worth your money? A common question when buying a dehumidifier for a small space or room.

The best mini dehumidifiers take up less space in small rooms and bathrooms which is why they’re so popular. But can such a small device reduce humidity effectively? We give you our verdict in this article.

Performance and Applications

Mini dehumidifiers are easy to install and require little maintenance. They can absorb large quantities of moisture for their size, so they're perfect for closets and bathrooms.

They’re so small they can be taken with you when traveling if you know you’re going to a humid or stuffy environment.

Other Benefits

The other main benefit is that mini dehumidifiers don’t produce as much noise as larger models. Great for use in bedrooms or areas where low noise levels are desirable.

Optimally Sized

You can fit a mini dehumidifier in spaces where a full-sized one is difficult to install. If the space you intend to place your new dehumidifier is limited, you should consider small dehumidifiers first.

Their size makes these dehumidifiers perfect for caravans, RVs, motorhomes, and boats.

Where Do Mini Dehumidifiers Work Well?

Mini dehumidifiers work best in small spaces which are sealed. A bathroom with the door closed for example.

They lack the power to be effective in larger spaces so consider this before buying one.

Types of Mini Dehumidifier

Smaller dehumidifier models come in two main types: refrigerant and desiccant models.

Refrigerant models are the usual type that full-scale dehumidifiers are based on. Desiccant models are an alternative technology. They don’t have a compressor, so they function well at lower temperatures.

Both types have their uses, but you are more likely to find small desiccant dehumidifiers in shops than their compressor based counterparts.

Final Verdict

Mini dehumidifiers are ideal in the right environment. Providing you intend to use them in a small area, we recommend them over larger models to keep costs buying and running costs down.

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