The 3 Best Digital Hygrometer for Humidor Options You Can Buy

A humidor with hygrometer fitted on it

Cigar lovers know how important it is for them to keep moisture in check inside their humidors. For those who don’t know, humidors are boxes used to store cigars, and if moisture levels drop below a certain point, cigars will lose their flavor. So, there is a need for a hygrometer in the box to track moisture levels. So, what are the best digital hygrometer for humidor options?

The three best digital hygrometers for humidors are:

  1. Cigar Oasis Caliber IV
  2. D’Addario Hygrometer
  3. Cigar Oasis Caliber 4R 

All three provide you with accurate humidity levels. So, you know when you need to take measures to raise it. 

In this article, we define a hygrometer, the need for it in a humidor, and review the three best digital hygrometers for humidors. 

What is a hygrometer?

Closeup of a hygrometer on a table.
Complex name for a simple but useful device.

A hygrometer is an electronic device that tells you the current humidity level. It essentially tells you how much percentage of moisture is in the air. So, if the reading on the device is 65%, that means the air is 65% saturated with moisture. 

Hygrometers help users keep an eye on humidity levels so they can take steps to reduce it if it exceeds the level they want. Homes in humid climates, museums, and saunas commonly use the device. All of which are locations where you would want to keep tabs on air moisture. 

Why do you need a hygrometer for a humidor?

If you’ve ever owned a humidor, you know the importance of maintaining humidity. Cigars need a certain amount of moisture to hold their taste. Otherwise, the tobacco leaves inside will dry out, resulting in the loss of aroma and flavor. 

A hygrometer paired with a humidor lets you keep track of moisture levels. So, you know when you need to adjust it to ensure the cigars hold flavor and aroma. The device is an investment for cigar lovers. 

The 3 best digital hygrometer for humidor options

We’ve looked at a whole lot of digital hygrometers for humidors and picked the top three. So, cigar lovers know which ones they can trust, and they are:

1. Cigar Oasis Caliber IV

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  • Easy to use, comes pre-calibrated
  • Features a magnetic mount
  • Advanced humidity sensors


  • The plastic body can be damaged if dropped

The Cigar Oasis Caliber IV is a no-nonsense, easy-to-use digital hygrometer. It features a compact design that can fit in a humidor of all sizes. It displays the temperature and humidity inside the box. The humidity sensors are advanced, so you know that the reading is accurate. 

We recommend this device for beginners and experts both. It comes calibrated, and ready for use. So you just need to turn it on and stick it inside the box. After some time though, you will need to recalibrate it. The process is fairly easy, but we recommend you use a Boveda calibration kit.

2. D’Addario Hygrometer 

D’Addario Accessories Hygrometer Humidity And Temperature Sensor
  • Accurately displays temperature and humidity levels
  • Memory feature indicates recent high and low levels
  • Built in clock and calendar
  • Get one for each instrument case


  • Has a moisture set point and displays relative humidity
  • Memory features note the highest and lowest moisture levels


  • Size is not suitable for small humidors

The D’Addario Hygrometer gives users everything they want to know regarding moisture levels. It displays temperature and relative humidity, and you also get to input a humidity set point. It shows a water drop when the moisture level drops below the set point. 

The device also has a memory feature. It also notes the highest and lowest moisture level within the humidor along with date and time. This is a neat feature that can be useful when it comes to keeping track of moisture in the box.

The only downfall of the device is its dimensions. It is 4 inches (10.16 centimeters or cm) by 1 inch (2.54 cm) by 6 inches (15.24 cm). So, not suitable for smaller humidors. Overall, the device has tons of useful features that will help you track moisture in a humidor. 

3. Cigar Oasis Caliber 4R Gold Digital/Analog Hygrometer


  • Beautiful design with gold trim
  • A mix of analog and digital 
  • Good size and easy for users to view the readings


  • A small magnet may require extra support to ensure it sticks to the humidor

The Caliber 4R Gold Digital Hygrometer is a mix of digital and analog reading. The scale is analog while the reading is digital. Like the others on our list, the device displays the temperature and humidity level in a humidor. It is slightly bigger than the others, making it perfect for large humidors and wineadors. 

The device is also sturdy and stylish in part because it features a gold trim. It is also very accurate in providing you with moisture level readings. It comes with a magnet attachment, which is a bit small. In the event that the magnet isn’t working out, velcro will help the hygrometer to stick to the humidor. Overall, the design and capability of the device make it a great choice. 

Final thoughts

Finding the best digital hygrometer for your humidor is key for flavorful and aromatic cigars. It is one of the smartest investments you will make. You can go with any of the three we’ve picked and you would be happy with the purchase. So, now all that is left to do is for you to enjoy your cigars whenever you please. 

We’re curious which one you want to go with first though. Let us know which one and why in the comments below!

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