How To Ventilate A Bathroom Properly – Using A Dehumidifier

Bathroom Ventilation

Bathrooms are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mold spores. This is thanks to the moisture created from showers to running sinks which provide an ideal environment for mold spores to spread and lead to an outbreak of mold.

The key to solving this problem is ventilation. We’ll provide you with several ways you can reduce bathroom humidity and avoid a bathroom that is unpleasant to use.

Buy an Extraction Fan

Bathroom vent fans are a necessary for windowless bathrooms due to building codes. They are also a good idea in general as they can significantly reduce the humidity levels in your bathroom.

Advanced bathroom vents also have motion sensors that turn the fan on when you enter the room and power off once you leave it. Basic models turn on and off with your lighting.

Install the Fan Correctly

Bathroom vent fans are essential for reducing the humidity in your bathroom. They should be placed near to your shower or bath to improve humidity reduction.

They should always be installed into an external wall where they can vent to the atmosphere. If this isn’t an option, make sure they vent into the central ducting system rather than directly into another room or even your attic.

Keep the Shower Door or Curtain Open

If you have a shower that has a door, keep it open after use. This will allow the running fan to circulate air throughout the bathroom and assist in moisture removal on all surfaces.

If you have shower curtains, leave them pulled open as this will also assist with airflow and ensure moisture removal throughout.

Try not to allow the folds of your shower curtain to bunch together, as this is the perfect breeding ground for mold. We’ve all seen a moldy shower curtain in our time.

Open Your Windows

If your bathroom does have windows, make sure you keep them open as much as possible. This will greatly increase airflow which means better humidity reduction.

Measure Humidity and use a Bathroom Dehumidifier

Using a hygrometer will tell you have humid your bathroom is. If consistently above 70%, buy a dehumidifier for your bathroom which will help reduce humidity to 50% or lower.

Provide Natural light

Strong sunlight will assist with evaporation which means your bathroom will dry faster. Sunlight also slows mold growth by killing mold spores.

Protect Surfaces

Moisture means rust and corrosion. It can also cause wallpaper and paint to peel.

You can apply furniture polish on wooden units and a rust proofer for radiators and other metal surfaces in your bathroom. This protect them from oxidation and moisture, thanks to the protective film coating in the polish.

Final Verdict

Ventilating your bathroom properly is key to keeping it mold free. This will ensure that your bathroom is never moldy and will assist in protecting surfaces from rust and other forms of damage.

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