The Best Crawl Space Dehumidifier (Reviews & Buying Guide 2018)

The crawl spaces under our houses are vulnerable to a lot of things, chief among which is usually high humidity.

High humidity in your home’s crawl space can lead to a lot of unpleasant consequences, such as mold problems, pests, structural damage, heavy odors, allergy triggers, and more. As a result, taking proper care of your crawl space moisture problems is one of the most important things any home owner should do. Yet, a lot of people neglect to do so.

Closing up your crawl space is one of the several highly effective and energy efficient ways to make sure your home is more comfortable and healthy. However, if you opt for closing your crawl space, you still need to take care of its humidity and ventilation first. Simply insulating your crawl space without taking care of its humidity can be as disastrous as leaving it as it is.

Crawl Space Basement Dehumidifier

​Product Name

​Our Rating

Winner: RMR-86 Instant Stain Remover
Runner-Up: Mold Monster
Alternative: Eco Solutions Mold Killer
Alternative 2: Tilex Mold and Mildew Remover Spray
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So, how does one go about dehumidifying their crawl space? There are a ton of dehumidifiers on the market, but they are all designed for different things and different rooms. What distinguishes a crawl space dehumidifier from any other? There are several key things to consider:

  • The crawl space dehumidifier doesn’t care about its noise levels. Obviously, that doesn’t mean that you should take a dehumidifier that sounds like a freight train – you don’t want to hear it from up in your home – but you don’t need to care as much about a crawl space dehumidifier’s exact noise level.
  • A crawl space dehumidifier needs to be powerful enough to cover the entire crawl space. Crawl spaces are usually not small, they are not just rooms. Their square footage is quite big, but they are also not as high as a room. Simply put, measure the volume of your crawl space and decide on a dehumidifier that is powerful enough to cover that volume, but isn’t unnecessarily strong.
  • Power is one thing, but you are also interested in the dehumidifier’s efficiency. A crawl space dehumidifier is one that works for a long time, so you want it to be as efficient in its energy consumption as possible.
  • Crawl space dehumidifiers need an efficient continuous drainage system. If you were just buying a dehumidifier for your kitchen, then using the dehumidifier’s bucket wouldn’t be a big deal. But you certainly don’t want to have to go to your crawl space a couple of times per day each day, so make sure that you choose a dehumidifier that has a convenient continuous drainage system.
  • The dehumidifier needs to work at low temperatures and have an auto defrost function. The auto defrost function prevents the inner workings of the machine from building up frost and working at low temperatures is something that is often required in a crawl space.
  • An auto reset function is also pretty important for a crawl space dehumidifier. This function restarts the dehumidifier after a power outage, keeping all of its original functions. This is great, since even if you are home it saves you an unnecessary trip underneath your property.

So, which are our top 5 picks for best crawl space dehumidifiers on the market right now? We will list them below for your convenience, but you don’t need to constrain yourself to just those 5 models – the market offers a lot of different options for a lot of different crawl spaces. We hope our list at least gives you a good starting point for what you are looking for, if not an outright decision as to the best dehumidifier for your crawl space. 

Our Recommendations

​Winner: ​​​AlorAir Sentinel HD55 Crawlspace 55 Pint Dehumidifier

​This Sentinel HD55 model from AlorAir is our starting pick for a crawl space dehumidifier. It has an Energy Star rating which alone demonstrates its capabilities. It is suitable for much more than just a crawl space – it can also perform well in a warehouse, an office, an apartment or a shop, and other such places. 

As a 55 pint dehumidifier, the Sentinel HD55 has a coverage area of around 1300 square feet, depending on the humidity levels. This is a nice average power level which can cover both smaller but highly damp spaces, as well as larger, but not so damp ones.

A dehumidifier such as this one will be of great help in battling mold, mildew, heavy odors, or corrosion, which are so easy to form and develop in a crawl space.

AlorAir Sentinel HD55
  • An Energy Star rated dehumidifier that is highly energy efficient
  • A very good control system that includes an automatic humidistat control, water protection, a timer, and more
  • We are really hard pressed to find any negatives for this great model. If we had to mention something it’d be that 55 pints may not be enough for some homes crawl spaces

​​​Runner-Up:AlorAir Sentinel HDi90 Crawl Space Dehumidifier 

​​​​Next on our list is another AlorAir model – the Sentinel HDi90. The chief difference you will notice immediately from our previous entry is the fact that this is a 90 pint dehumidifier. As such, this model easily covers much bigger areas than the smaller Sentinel model and most other dehumidifiers.

This unit is designed for huge crawl spaces – with its 90 pint power and 210 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) coverage, the HDi90 is the perfect option for any space up to 2,600 square feet. And the great thing is that even with its immense power, the HDi90 is still surprisingly efficient. With a 2.88 L/kWh and only 5.56 amps the HDi90 will do its job both as effectively as possible and as efficiently as possible.

  • Huge CFM and power, making it great for big crawl spaces
  • Very energy efficient
  • The HDi90 is rather pricey which may be a deciding factor

​​​​​Dri Eaz F515 PHD 200 Compact 75 Pint Dehumidifier

​​Another great option for big crawl spaces, this Dri Eaz compact model pumps 75 pints of water from the air every 24 hours. It has two different operating modes – humidistat and continuous operation.

The humidistat mode works by maximizing moisture removal efficiency. It maintains a preset humidity level and adjusts its operation accordingly to the current humidity levels.

The continuous operation mode is exactly what it sounds like – you set the dehumidifier to work continuously at one power setting until you say otherwise. This is ideal when you want to drop the humidity levels as fast as possible with zero downtime.

Dri-Eaz F515
  • Two modes of operation
  • Effective and efficient
  • The air filter needs to be replaced regularly


Dri Eaz F413 Revolution LGR Dehumidifier

​Another small wonder by Dri Eaz, the Revolution model can pump up to 80 pints of moisture out of the air under standard conditions and more at higher temperatures and higher relative humidity. With 121 – 180 CFM and 6.2 amps, this is not just a very powerful dehumidifier, but a very efficient one as well. 

It also comes with an included 40’ drain hose, a 25’ power cord and a 3M HAF filter. This little dehumidifying dynamo displays real time inlet and outlet temperature and relative humidity and has a built-in humidistat. 

It is much smaller than other models of its power class, making it great for crawl spaces and other small places where its work might be required. It is also much easier to transport if you need it for more than one place.

Dri-Eaz F413
  • Very small and compact for its size, making it more powerful than much bigger dehumidifiers
  • ​Includes a drain hose
  • For optimal operation this unit needs to be used above 65°F. Below that threshold its coils are prone to freezing

​​​Ivation 70 Pint Energy Star Dehumidifier

​​​​​Last but not least on our list is this Ivation 70 pint dehumidifier. This IVALDH70PW model is a more standard type of dehumidifier, one that would fit well inside the home as well, not just in a ​crawl space. 

Its specifications make it perfectly suited for a crawl space too, however, which is why we have to mention it. If you are looking for a dehumidifier which would need to temporarily be used in a crawl space but can be moved inside your home after that, this Ivation model is the perfect option.

It is powerful enough to easily take care for all the mold, mildew, dust, allergens, and odors in any crawl space or home of up to 4500 square feet of space (depending on the level of dampness too, of course). It has a programmable humidistat, a hose connector, an auto shutoff and auto restart function, as well as a bright and easy to use LED display. It’s not the quietest dehumidifier on the market, but for a crawl space that doesn’t really matter.

Ivation IVALDH70PW
  • ​Very easy operation
  • Extra-long cord
  • Drain hose needs to be purchased separately


And there are our 5 suggestions for crawl space dehumidifiers. Depending on the size of your crawl space, as well as its needs, different devices can be better suited than others.

​You might have noticed that we included the Ivation 70 pint model in this review for its versatility – ​it isn't specifically designed as crawl space dehumidifier but it might be a good choice for those who live in smaller homes and don't need such a heavy duty option.

If you are indeed looking for a general guide to dehumidifiers - we suggest that you check out one of our other articles.

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