Where To Place A Dehumidifier In A Crawl Space?

Crawl Space Dehumidifier

If you’ve decided to buy a crawl space dehumidifier, you have made a wise choice.

But the next step is finding out where it is best located within your crawl space.

Dehumidifiers remove moisture from the atmosphere, and to do this they require adequate airflow. To help you locate your crawl space dehumidifier properly, we’ll give you our expert advice.

Where Should You Place A Dehumidifier in Your Crawl Space?

Dehumidifiers should always be installed with plenty of space around them. This means ensuring that there is at 12 inches between the unit and any nearby walls or surfaces.

This ensures adequate airflow so that your dehumidifier can process air efficiently and return it back into the room without any obstructions.

This is even more important for areas of very high humidity.

How to Place a Dehumidifier in Crawl Spaces

To get rid of excess moisture, install a dehumidifier in your crawl space. Follow these steps to install it in the right place:

Identify the source of the moisture

There might be an area of your crawl space that is particularly damp. This might be caused by a water leak or a cold spot.

This area is the best location to setup your new dehumidifier as it will now have better access to the main problem area of your crawl space.

Check for any Damage

If your crawl space has been damaged by water, this should be repaired. It could be that timbers are now rotten or there is a large pool of water on the floor.

Either way, this damage needs to be fixed so your new dehumidifier can work efficiently.  

Decide on a Mounting Method

Some crawl space dehumidifiers are available with accessories such as wall hanging kits. These kits allow you to hand your dehumidifier from the ceiling or from a suitable wall.

Great if space is tight and there isn’t a suitable surface for you to install it on.

You can of course choose to install it a ground level. If you do, make sure this surface is stable and level as these units are heavy and will move very slightly when in use.

Final Verdict

Mold growth is silent but harmful. Mold typically grows in areas that are dark, cold, and infrequently access which makes your crawl space perfect for this problem.

The first signs of a problem are usually a musty smell in certain parts of your home which means that the air is damp and likely contains a variety of allergens which can be unpleasant to breath in.

Protecting your crawl space is a great first step in combatting household air quality problems, and with this guide, you now know how to make sure your crawl space dehumidifier is working as efficient as possible.

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