What Setting Should A Dehumidifier Be Set To In A Crawl Space?

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Mold grows in crawl spaces as soon as humidity levels go above 60%. Therefore, you must keep your home's humidity levels below or around 55% to prevent mold from growing. An ideal level is between 45-55%.

For crawl spaces, we recommend a setting of 50% in summer and 40% in winter. This accounts for the variations in temperature and will ensure that mold growth is prevented. It will also ensure that moisture is unable to damage the structure of your crawl space or the foundation of your property.

Your dehumidifier will turn itself off automatically when the humidity level in your crawl space reaches the target humidity level. Once humidity begins to rise, it will switch itself back on again to maintain this setting.

The prevents wasted energy and will also ensure that the humidity level stays within a defined rather instead of fluctuating wildly. If your crawl space dehumidifier is always running, check for water leaks or areas where excess air is getting into the space.  

Your crawl space doesn’t have to be sealed or airtight, but you shouldn’t be trying to dehumidify the air outside.

You will quickly begin to see an improvement in the air quality as it feels less muggy and humid. This will have the effect of improving air quality in your home and will go a long way to reducing respiratory ailments and conditions.

Buying the Right Crawl Space Dehumidifier

The key to buying the best crawl space dehumidifier is making sure that it will work in cold environments. The best models have evaporator coils that defrost when they begin to ice over.

Other than that, make sure your model has a high enough water removal rating. Look for a model with a rating of no less than 55 pints of water removal.

Final Verdict

Using your crawl space dehumidifier properly is key to keeping your crawl space dry and free from damp areas and mold. Always use the correct humidity settings and check on it frequently to make sure it is still running and dehumidifying the air as intended.

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