How To Dehumidify A Bathroom

Bathroom Ventilation

We all know that a hot shower is comforting and enjoyable after a tiring day. But have you also noticed the extra humidity it creates? Moist, damp spaces accelerate mold growth in your bathroom for homeowners who are prone to asthma attacks or other respiratory illnesses like allergies.

To reduce the impact of bathroom humidity, follow the steps we outline below.

Buy a Bathroom Dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers are the perfect appliance for reducing high humidity levels in your bathroom. A dehumidifier sucks out the excess moisture from a room and returns dry air to steadily reduce the level of humidity.

Make sure not to install your bathroom dehumidifier too close to water sources, such as showers or baths. Electric shocks can happen when appliances encounter liquids.

Leave the Windows Open

I'm sure you've been told this before but leaving your bathroom window open after a bath or shower is an excellent way to keep humidity levels low. Not only does it minimize the moisture in this room, but it also helps reduce damp air from circulating throughout other parts of your home.

Turn on the Bathroom Fan

If your bathroom has an exhaust fan, then utilize it whenever using your bathroom. Many of these fans are designed to run with your bathroom lighting but can be used independently.

When you’ve finished bathing or showering, keep it on for around 15 minutes to remove the excess moisture in the air.

Remove Condensation

You should wipe down the windows, doors, walls, and shower after every use. Hold a squeegee to direct any water droplets or condensation on these surfaces through drains in the floor.

This will reduce the humidity in the room and make it easier for your dehumidifier to reduce it further.

Avoid Drying Clothes

Hanging your wet clothes in a small space like the bathroom can create an uncomfortable humid environment. Hanging out damp clothes also increases the chance of mold growth, so dry your clothing outside instead.

A heated towel rail is also a great idea as this will dry wet towels faster and also lower the overall humidity level of the room.

Take Cooler Showers

Showering with cooler water will not only lower your energy bills, but it also releases less moisture into the air. We don’t suggest you start taking cold showers but reducing the water temperature by as little as 5-10 degrees will make a difference.

Final Verdict

Bathroom humidity is inevitable, but there are steps you can take to reduce the humidity in your bathroom to a more comfortable level. This reduces the likelihood of developing a mold problem and will keep your bathroom fixtures and fittings in better condition for longer.

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