How To Store Things In Your Damp Basement With A Dehumidifier?

Dehumidifier In Basement

Your basement is the ideal place to store items you don’t need to use regularly.

Until water leaks and mold strikes.

But using your basement as storage doesn’t have to result in damaged possessions.

We’re going to tell you how you can keep your basement dry and protect your stuff.

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What is the Best Way to Keep Things Dry When Stored in a Basement?

Vacuum Pack as Much as Possible

Small, soft items like clothes, blankets and towels are perfect for vacuum packing.

This produces a sealed environment, meaning that damp and condensation won’t be able to damage anything inside the bag,

When you take these items out of storage, they’ll be ready to use and mold free.

Check Your Basement

The best way to ensure your basement is a safe, dry area for storing goods and other items is by checking its condition before you store anything.

Check the floor for cracks or holes that could allow water in then get them fixed.

Check for water leaks from pipework, the ceiling, and walls. These leaks will need to be fixed too.

Never store anything that is wet or damp as it won’t be able to dry out properly because of the low temperature in most basements.

Use Moisture Absorbers

Place a few trays of cat litter, activated charcoal and silica gel around your basement to keep things dry for longer.

Be sure to keep your children and pets out of the basement if you do try these methods.

Store Sensibly

Clear out your basement by following these tips.

Don’t pack items too closely together and be sure to leave gaps between the walls.

Ask yourself: do I really need this? If not, bin it. This will allow other items to ‘breathe’ better and allow some needed air circulation throughout the area.

Use a Dehumidifier

Even with the most expensive storage containers on earth, you may still struggle to keep your items dry and in good condition. Basements are naturally cold which is when damp is most prevalent.

We recommend using a dehumidifier to keep the air in your basement as dry as possible. A dehumidifier along with your storage containers will ensure your items are protected.

Final Verdict

Using your basement as a storage area doesn’t have to result in ruined furniture and clothes.

If you take the precautions we’ve outlined in this guide, your stored items will stay safe and dry permanently.

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