Can A Dehumidifier Dehydrate You?

Dehumidifier Dehydration

Dehumidifiers are an amazing invention, but just like any other idea or machine they have their own pitfalls. One of the most common questions you might ask yourself when considering a purchase is “can a dehumidifier dehydrate me?” It's time we explore this possibility in-depth to not only find out if it's true or false, but also convince you with our findings!

The Short Answer

There is no need to worry about dehydrating yourself if you have a dehumidifier. You may experience temporary sore throat or chapped lips, but that's the worst it can do!

Why is it Impossible for a Dehumidifier to Dehydrate You?

To answer the question that must pop into your mind after reading the previous paragraph; “why?“. Because dehumidifiers are meant to remove excess moisture from air, not human beings. The lowest humidity percentage a dehumidifier can reach is 20%, which isn’t enough to harm humans according to health standards and regulations. Humidity levels should be anywhere between 30% and 50%.

What are the Possible Negative Effects that a Dehumidifier Can Cause?

Still, just like any electrical device, abusing it may produce a negative effect on you:

  • If you don’t set it right and sleep with your mouth open, then you might wake up with a sore throat and chapped lips.
  • If you don’t properly clean your dehumidifier appropriately - especially the filters - you can circulate all of those dust mites around the room that cause allergies or mild sicknesses such as coughs!
  • Unwise placement is also an issue for some people because they cannot reach to turn off their machines or the power cords present a trip hazard.

Other Effects of a Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier not only makes the air drier and lighter to breathe, but it also reduces that feeling of stuffiness. However, if you already live in a dry climate like Nevada or Arizona then a dehumidifier will cause your eyes to burn because they are too dry for them. Furthermore, people who suffer from eczema cannot be around very much dirt as their skin is more sensitive than normal peoples.

Lastly, if you’re suffering from allergies, dry coughs or a stuffy nose then the already dry and irritating air will be even more difficult to breathe.

How to Pick the Optimal Dehumidifier

When it comes to selecting a dehumidifier, you’ll first need to know yourself and your location. If the weather is too dry in your state, then there may not be any use for one; but if you live somewhere that has extremely high humidity levels, go ahead with your purchase.

Next up, you'll have measure the size of whichever room will house this device as well as making sure that the model can cover the area.

When you measure the room, ensure that it has few obstructions to the flow of your dehumidifier. That way, your dehumidifier can reach every part of the room and take care of all those damp spots!

Last but certainly not least, try going with a high-quality dehumidifier which is loaded up with features like timers for on/off times or humidity control settings. Make sure that you know why these specific features are beneficial, so you feel confident about what's best in any given situation.

Final Verdict

So, can a dehumidifier dehydrate you? No, it can’t.

As long as you think carefully before buying one and find a suitable model for yourself, your pets, and available space; with consistent maintenance, any problems that come up are easily overcome.

Don't forget that comfort is the number one priority - if it isn't working out for you there's something wrong so check on display settings or ask us what might work better in your home!

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