EcoClean Solutions Mold Killer Review

EcoClean Solutions Mold Killer Review

Most people turn to regular detergents and many hours of continuous scrubbing to solve their mold infestation. Although it may get the mold off, it's still an unwise idea because regular detergents fail to remove mold stains. Also, you can only fix a mold infestation that gets out of hand by calling in a professional, which can cost a lot of money considering you live in an area with a particularly humid climate which would cause mold to grow back eventually.

Hence, it is crucial that you adopt a smarter way of cleaning your home or office in a way that can kill existing mold and keep it away in the future.

EcoClean Solutions Mold Killer WC

The EcoClean Solutions Professional Disinfecting Mildew Virus Mold Killer is one such cleaner that can do more than just fix a pesky mold problem. Its highly concentrated formula can also be diluted to be used as a disinfectant as well. It is gentle on your delicate surfaces, has a fresh lemon scent and kills a wide range of infectious viruses and bacteria, so this will be the perfect addition to your cleaning routine.

​About This Product

  • ​Disinfects
  • ​Concentrated Solution
  • ​Lemon Scent
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    Phosphate Free
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​Product Features

The EcoClean Solutions Professional Disinfecting Mold Killer uses a highly concentrated formula to disinfect hard surfaces such as those in bathrooms. This product is perfect to use on metal, steel, and porcelain based surfaces. You can simply dilute the solution with water using a 64:1 ratio and use for applications other than simply disinfecting because it can tackle mold infestation and mildew.

The liquid form makes it easier to spread across patches of mold or other areas. Say goodbye to the days of prolonged scrubbing to remove mold stains because it effectively cleans hard and non-porous surfaces on its own. So you can simply let it sit on the area in case the mold has more than one layer, or you need to remove the stain. 

The fragrance is not as strong as other detergents, which can make it difficult to breathe but it does have a fresh lemon scent which can mask any unpleasant odors that are a result of mold. Moreover, you can use the disinfectant in spaces where you find a bad odor, such as public toilets and trash cans. The product also won’t leave any nasty and irritating fumes which can cause discomfort to eyes and while breathing.

EcoClean Solutions Mold Killer

This product is safe to use in a wide variety of places, such as offices, schools, hospitals, elderly homes, and even food processing factories. The EcoClean Disinfectant is a much better alternative to conventional mold killers which would do the job but at the cost of others’ comfort. 

The phosphate-free formula is environmentally friendly because it protects water bodies from excessive algae growth and oxygen deprivation. Despite the absence of phosphate in the solution, it still manages to clean surfaces without leaving residue or marks which is common in phosphate-free detergents. So users can save the environment without compromising on their sanitation needs.

Its non-corrosive properties make it suitable for use on delicate surfaces as well so you don’t have to clean them by hand anymore. It is anti-microbial which inhibits bacterial growth and keeps away pests and insects. It wipes out any mold or mildew and kills bacteria like E Coli, staphylococcus faecalis, and staphylococcus salivarius.

It also has powerful antiviral properties which can help prevent infections by killing viruses such as type 1 HIV, Hepatitis B, and Influenza A2. You can use this all-rounder cleaner, and disinfectant around the home on countertops, tables, chairs, and floors.

Product Highlights

  • ​Removes Unpleasant Odors
  • ​Anti-bacterial and Anti-viral
  • ​Environmentally-friendly
  • Not corrosive
  • Affordable

​What Buyers Are Saying 

This product is used by many homeowners and professionals alike for applications that range from simply disinfecting to expert mold remediation. Users have reviewed the EcoClean Solutions Professional Disinfecting Mildew Virus Mold Killer as one of the best ways to incorporate mold growth prevention into their daily cleaning routine. 

They are pleased that preventing mold growth doesn't have to be a seasonal job anymore, and they can simply do it regularly by using this disinfectant.

EcoClean Solutions Mold Killer

Experts that carry out mold remediation recommend this mold remover because it can help get the job done quickly and save them many hours. Buyers have commented on its powerful capability to remove any grime or mildew from surfaces and how it doesn’t require any scrubbing.

Users have praised the non-abrasive formula and how it cleans their porcelain fittings properly without eroding their surfaces.

Buying Advice

Buyers should always make sure to find out the chemical composition of the cleaner before deciding to make a purchase, so you can know of any substances included in the solution which can induce an allergic reaction in response to their sensitivity to it.

Moreover, users should be careful to handle these products with care by using gloves and keeping it out of reach of children. The solution can be diluted and used by pouring it into a spray bottle which can allow even spreading over the surface.

The EcoClean Solutions Professional Disinfecting Mildew Virus Mold Killer is available for purchase on Amazon at a highly affordable price. If you’re interested in buying a combined disinfectant and mold killer for your home or business, you can purchase it from Amazon at the price of around $30.

Final Verdict

All the features of this cleaner are conclusive of the fact that this is one product to fight bacteria, viruses, and mold. So why bother with so many types of detergents when one can help clean all your hard and non-porous surfaces. Bring home the EcoClean Solutions Professional Disinfectant Mildew Virus Mold Cleaner and provide a more sanitary and hygienic living environment for your family.

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