Dri-Eaz F413 Revolution LGR Dehumidifier Review

Dri-Eaz F413 Revolution LGR Review

Dri-Eaz are positioned as an industry leader when it comes to high-performance DIY and property restoration appliances. Amongst these appliances sit a range of dehumidifiers which are suited to both commercial and domestic use, whether simply managing humidity within a crawl space or for water damage restoration.

Dri-Eaz F413 Revolution LGR

The Dri-Eaz F413 Revolution LGR sits at the top of the product range and is designed to be used in any environment which could benefit from a reduction in humidity. To assist you in your purchasing decision, we’re going to put this dehumidifier to the test so that you know whether it’s the right model for you.  

​Features And Benefits

The Revolution LGR has been engineered to extract up to 17.5 gallons, 139 pints or 66 litres of moisture from the air over a 24 hour period. When compared to other dehumidifiers of this category you will find that these performance statistics are very competitive.  

In conjunction with its outstanding moisture removal capability, this model is rated as being suitable for internal spaces of 15,000 cubic feet in size – making it perfect for homes, offices and warehouses alike.  

Electronic Display & Control Panel

The chassis features the presence of a high-quality display panel with integrated controls. Usefully, Dri-Eaz have also opted to include a backlight function which makes low light legibility impressive and exactly what you need if used in a basement or crawl space. We particularly like the ability to choose from one of four languages if English isn’t your first.

Digital Humidistat

An easy to use humidistat is available via the control panel which enables you to specify the level of humidity reduction for the environment you’re dehumidifying. Handily, there is also a thermometer function which provides a real time ambient temperature read out.

As is typical, the target level of humidity can be set to anywhere between 40% and 90% which most users should find to be sufficient.

If you’re trying to combat the spread of mold and mildew, we recommend a setting of 50% RH which will provide a good compromise between efficiency and performance.  If the area you’re using the unit in has suffered from water damage, we suggest a setting of 40% RH to remove as much water as possible as quickly as possible.   

Operating Temperature Range

The operating temperature range of your dehumidifier is an important specification if you intend on using it within unheated or naturally cool environments such as the crawl space underneath your home or a basement.

The F413 features a temperature range of between 33°F–100° which is very impressive and will prevent premature freezing of the evaporator coils.

Built In Pump (Automatic Pump Out)

Another must have feature is the inclusion of an automatic water pump which will remove the water collected from the atmosphere for discarding into a nearby sink or floor drain.

Simply attach the included hose and route it where required for easy continuous operation.

Automatic Restart

Power cuts are an unfortunate fact of life. Thankfully, most dehumidifiers feature an auto restart function and this one is no different.

Once power has returned to your property, your unit will switch itself back on and continue operation where it left off.

Optional Duct Attachment Kit

One useful feature this unit possesses is the capability of being hooked up to a duct. In practice, this will allow you to route warm dry air into hard to reach spaces or to benefit other nearby appliances.


As you would expect, Dri-Eaz provide a comprehensive warranty for this model. Once you purchase this unit, you will be entitled to:

  • A lifetime limited warranty on the polyethylene chassis / housing
  • A 6 year warranty on the compressor and coils
  • A 1 year parts and labor warranty from the date of purchase
Dri-Eaz F413 Rear View

Pros And Cons

More important that even the raft of included features is how a dehumidifier performs in practice. To this end, we’ve included a list of pros and cons which should give you an idea as to how this model performs in the real world.  


  • Easy to operate. It couldn’t be any simpler that unboxing your unit, plugging it in, attaching the drain hose and switching it on.  
  • Powerful. With a moisture removal rate of 17.5 gallons of water from the atmosphere per day, this unit is powerful. In our tests, we were able to reduce humidity from 70% to 50% in less than 2 hours in a 2500 sq. ft crawl space.
  • Versatility. A unit of this type can be utilized in most environments with a wall socket thanks to its lightweight and compact design. This makes it suitable for home restoration after suffering water or flood damage or for use in a commercial environment.
  • Washable & replaceable filter. The included filters can either be washed or replaced as required. You can also purchase an optional high flow air filter for increased performance.


  • The only complaint that we have gotten wind of is that the water disposal function can take a while to master. You might find that the internal pump isn’t initially seated properly which can prevent water from being removed from the unit.
  • In these instances, you might have to adjust its position and ensure that the float valve is fully submerged for maximum water removal efficiency.

​Final Verdict

The F413 is a powerful and efficient commercial dehumidifier that does exactly what it is designed to do; extract and discard water as quickly as possible.

It performed faultlessly during testing and made light work of every task we put it up against. Its power consumption is reasonable at an average of 6.2 amps at 115v and it isn’t any louder than any comparable model available.

The included warranty is comprehensive and covers all of the important bits of hardware to provide you with the peace of mind that this unit will simply run as long as it is required.

Overall, this dehumidifier is a star performer and one we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend, whether as a dehumidifier suitable for your crawl space or otherwise. The price point represents a considerable level of investment but if you’re in need of dependability, it is worth every penny.

​Our Rating

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