AlorAir Sentinel HD90 Dehumidifier Review

AlorAir Sentinel HD90

AlorAir are a prominent manufacturer of moisture removal and water damage restoration products. As part of their extensive product offering, AlorAir produce several dehumidifier solutions which can be adapted to any environment, whether as a dehumidifier for the crawl space within your home or a commercial building.

AlorAir Sentinel HD90

The Sentinel HD(i)90 is their flagship model for home use and is billed as all you will ever need by way of controlling the level of humidity within your crawl space. In this review, we’ll discover whether this model lives up to our expectations and whether it might be the right choice for you.

Features And Benefits

The AlorAir Sentinel HD90 is designed to remove up to 11.25 gallons, 90 pints or 42.5 litres of moisture from the atmosphere within a 24 hour period. Whilst the headline figures may not compare favourably with other brands on paper, we tend to find that real world performance is very similar in practice.   

AlorAir rate this model as being suitable for internal areas of up to 2600 sq. ft in size. We believe this figure to be based upon the ceiling height of your average basement or crawl space.

HD90 vs HDi90

Some of you may be wondering what the difference is between both of these models. We can confirm that the base specifications are the same but the HDi90 version comes complete with a built-in pump for easier water disposal.

Control Panel

This model features a basic control panel which simply allows you to select the desired level of humidity as well as power the device on and off.

Wi-Fi Controller

You are required to purchase the Wi-Fi based control panel separately.

Essentially, this will allow you to operate the dehumidifier without having to physically access it which could be useful and very convenient if you intend to locate your new unit in a difficult to reach space.

The controller itself looks like an AC control panel and is very easy and intuitive to use. Simply mount it in your location of choice.

Digital Humidistat

Due to the lack of built in control and display panel, this model’s humidistat function is built into the Wi-Fi control panel.

As is typical, the target level of humidity can be set to anywhere between 35% and 95% which is a wider range than most competing models and is more than sufficient.  

Eliminating the presence of mildew and mold is most homeowners main concern for which we recommend a humidity setting of around 50% RH. This will significantly reduce the ability of mold to grow whilst maintaining energy efficiency.

If you are trying to remediate against water damage or your crawl space is particularly damp, we recommend setting the device to around 40% RH for rapid dehumidifying.

Operating Temperature Range

The operating temperature range of your dehumidifier should always be considered if you intend on using it within cool, cold or unheated environments such as basements or crawl spaces.  

The Sentinel HD90 features an effective operating range of between 33.8°F–104° which should be perfect for all but the most extreme of environments.

A HGV defrosting system is built into this model which will protect against freezing evaporator coils to keep this dehumidifier working around the clock. 

Built In Pump

As mentioned, only the HDi90 model features the presence of an automatic condensate pump as standard.

The HD90 instead has to make do with gravity based drainage through the included drainage hose.

G3 Air Filter

AlorAir include one air filter with this model which is designed to be cleaned when dirty. You can also simply replace the filter if you prefer.

We find that a cleaning schedule of once per month is usually sufficient. The filter can be washed with warm water with no soap or detergents recommended.

Optional Duct Attachment Kit

AlorAir provides you with the option of purchasing their official ductwork kit which will allow you to route dry air to hard to reach places.


AlorAir provide a warranty with this model which is designed to assist you in the event of any issues. It covers the following:

  • A 3 year warranty on the compressor, evaporator and condenser (includes labour and refrigerant)
  • A 5 year warranty on the aforementioned components without the labour and refrigerant cover
  • A 1 year parts and labor warranty from the date of purchase
AlorAir Sentinel HD90 Front View

Pros And Cons

Most importantly of all is how this model performs in practice. In this section, we’ll cover the advantages and disadvantages of the Sentinel HD90.


  • Very easy to use. Find a suitable location for your device and switch it on. It couldn’t be simpler.
  • Powerful. Don’t let the 90 pint capacity rating fool you. This model is fast, powerful and efficient. During our testing process, we were able to reduce humidity from 70% to 50% in around 2 hours in a 2500 sq. ft crawl space.
  • Versatility. With a weight of 80 lbs and a compact size, this unit can be located almost anywhere with a standard wall socket.
  • Remote control capability. The ability to operate your dehumidifier without having to access it is fantastic.


The remote control has to be purchased separately. It would be nice if this was included as standard.

Final Verdict

The Sentinel HD90 works exactly as intended; to provide you with stress free water removal and dehumidification. 

It handled every test we put it through and performed without exception. Its power consumption is impressive at an average of 5.56 amps at 115v (2.88l/Kwh) and with a sound output of 56 decibels, isn’t any louder than any comparable model available.

The included warranty provides a significant amount of cover and will result in the rectification of any faults that arise within the warranty period, providing you with ongoing peace of mind.

Both the HD90 and the HDi90 are impressive devices and so the choice simply boils down to whether you can live without the automatic water pump or not.

Overall, this competitively priced dehumidifier comes well recommended and should prove a trusty moisture removal tool for years to come. We like it so much we declared it the best dehumidifier for basements

Our Rating

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